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Ty Warren doesn't understand economics

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So former Aggie and current New England Patriot Ty Warren has decided to forego his $250,000 offseason workout bonus to instead stay home and attend college classes.

"I try to put the kids in the best educational system possible and I think there is something to be said for their father, who has been blessed to play in the NFL and do something he's loved to do, going back and finishing what he started," said Warren. "In the big picture, I think it's important for me to do what I'm doing. I can sacrifice that bonus for that."

Because many pro athletes don’t graduate from college, we are automatically programmed to applaud any player who gets his degree by any means necessary short of stealing it. But this is stupid. This is really stupid.

Warren is on track to graduate next spring with a degree in economics agricultural leadership and development, and he says his plans after football are helping those at A&M get more involved in the community.

"If I'm fortunate enough to play 12, 13 years, but then find myself getting cut in training camp, I'm not going to put myself in a situation where I don't have my degree," he said. "I'm not going to give myself up like that. I need to have options, so I feel like right now is a time where I need to dictate what I'm doing in the offseason.

Here’s an idea. Get paid $250,000 for working out and then use that money to pay for your school and your kids’ school. You’re not going to make that kind of money working in a non-profit in BCS. Get as much money as you can from your lucrative job while you can.

Athletes like to say ‘It’s not about the money’ when it is more often than not all about the money. This situation is all about the money, and the right thing to do is to take it.