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March Madness Open Thread Part Deaux

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So far on Day Two, no buzzer beaters, but there was the obligatory #12 over #5 with Cornell thumping Temple 78-65, but the Ivy League school was everyone's "inside" pick for an upset. Still the day hasn't come close to generating the action that Thursday had.

#5 Texas A&M 69 #12 Utah State 53

#10 Missouri 86 #7 Clemson 78

Early in the 2nd half #7 seed Oklahoma State and #10 seed Ga. Tech are toed 39-39

So the Big 12 is currently 5-1 in first round games, and should the Cowboys hold on only one Big 12 team would have failed to make it to the second round, and we know who you are.

Nothing particularly excites me about the late night schedule, except to watch "Tournament" Tom Penders Houston squad go against Maryland.