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Tom Penders Wears Out Welcome. Billy Clyde Gillispie In?

One of the funnier things heard throughout the course of our 2nd half swoon was that we weren't better off then when we had Tom Penders, who was now the head coach at Houston. Hey, we both did go out in the first round. Tom Penders WAS the coach at Houston. Apparently, ole' Tommy wore out his welcome at Cougar High and as of yet, there was no Luke Axtell to berate.

tom penders
Why do Texas teams keep firing me?

Still, this is an extremely strange story. Penders had just lead the Cougars to the NCAA tournament for the first time in 18 years by winning the CUSA conference title. He had a .611 winning percentage, he won 18 games or more six straight seasons (a school record), and he won more games in those 6 years than the three coaches that preceded him.

Who the hell is Houston to expect more? I thought Texas fans had the market cornered on entitlement? Something doesn't smell right in clutch city and it's not the water. I predict a more scintillating story to come out soon replete with booze, women, and power struggles. Should be a hoot.

But Cougar High won't allow the circus to end there. Rumors abound that our little friend, Billy Gillispie, is high on the list for possible replacements. Nothing says fun like Billy Clyde in the state where he was arrested first! Still, Billy Clyde, when sober, can recruit and this could be a bad thing for a now struggling Rick Barnes and Texas. Houston police, this man may be coming to town. You've been warned:

One drunk for another?

Thoughts? What impact on Texas basketball with Billy?