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Texas Spring Football: Muschamp Drinks Mead From Viking Skull

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Part Deux: In Which Muschamp Glowers At Effete Press Corps

Kenny Vaccaro is a guy that's come along and done some nice things.

By nice things, Will means Kenny hasn't punched any mouthy aspiring ambulance chasers at Gregory Gym in several days or gotten any more Maori tattoos. Vaccaro is in a race between personal growth and felony assault and I'm laying even odds. He can ball though. Playing him along side Christian Scott at safety in a Big Nickel is 415 pounds of pure anger.

Like Starr Jones before the stomach staples.

Tevin Mims and Alex Okafor again are guys, but you've got to continue to press forward.

It's not enough to be identifiably male, Tevin and Alex. You've got to press forward. Grow a third ball. Infiltrate Al Queda. Fight in an underground Fight Club. Something.

On the national title game...

I don't necessarily know if you talk about the game as much as you learn from the experiences from what it took to get there. It took a lot of commitment, sacrifice, discipline. Those are easy words to say, but they're hard to do. The leadership of this team understands how difficult that process is and what it takes to get there. That's where you've got to have that burning desire to get back and get that opportunity again.

Muschamp isn't that fun to kid around with. I lose all ironic detachment and mostly I just read his stuff and get fired up and want to attack someone in an OU t-shirt with a turkey thermometer.

Garrett is very talented. He has tremendous arm talent.

I hope it's his throwing arm!

Seriously, I've never seen a more talented ulna.

I booked his rotator cuff on Leno. It killed.

We've got a bunch up front. You look at Sam Acho, Tevin Mims, Alex Okafor, Kheeston Randall, Tyrell Higgins. We've probably got six or seven guys playing different spots up front. Emmanuel Acho and Dravannti Johnson are both playing linebacker and rush situations for us. On the back end, all of them have to learn all positions. We try to do that to build depth on our football team. Also from an injury standpoint, you've got to prepare for injuries. You've got to be able to adjust and adapt in a game and move around to get the best 11 on the field.

Nice to see some names there coming along.

I expect to see more tinkering with 3-4 looks and we'll focus more on building game specific packages than creating a one-size-fits-all approach. Tolleson will coach his ass off inside, we'll have a guy like Randall inside step up, and the rest of our DL will rotate a bunch of undersized guys that will play like crazed dogs.

We'll be fine.

We'll be strong overall a DB, LB, DE. DT will work itself out. Overall team speed will be elite and we'll be sound schematically in all phases.


Your thoughts?