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Texas Longhorn Pro Day - 3/31/10 - Earl Thomas Blows Up

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Some early information from Longhorn pro day.

Supposedly 79 scouts in attendance.

CB Deon Beasley (5-foot-9 5/8, 180 pounds) ran 4.47 and 4.46 in the 40-yard dash.

DT Lamarr Houston (6-2 7/8, 300) will keep his 40 times from the combine.

LB Sergio Kindle (6-2 7/8, 249) will keep his 40 times from the combine.

WR Jordan Shipley (5-11 1/2, 187) ran 4.54 and 4.56 in the 40.

G Charlie Tanner (6-3 7/8, 305) ran 5.20 and 5.12 in the 40.

T Adam Ulatoski (6-6, 302) ran 4.58 and 4.56 in the 40. (misprint, I hope those weren't actually 5.58 and 5.56)

LB Roddrick Muckelroy (6-1 5/8, 234) ran 4.73 and 4.75 in the 40.

Earl Thomas tweaked his hammy, but before doing so, he threw down a 4.37 and 4.35 40 at 205 pounds. If true, this is the sort of corrobarating evidence some of the dumber scouts need to evaluate him as a humble badass.

The bad news? A fast 40 time always puts you in danger of being drafted by the Raiders. A Browns blog salivates.

Jordan Shipley bettered his disappointing combine run with a 4.55 40. Shipley has never been about straight line speed - it's about quickness, hands, body control, and route sophistication. Here's hoping he's a Indianapolis Colt.

Colt McCoy worked out today without a single pass hitting the ground (look at who he was throwing to - nice selections, Colt) and the Longhorns received Mike Mayock love, but the more interesting news is that the St. Louis Rams are going to work him out privately.

That means a few things:

1. The Rams could draft G. McCoy/Suh #1 and then grab Colt with the first pick of the second round on the notion that this draft in totality is better than whoever you pair Bradford with in the 2nd round.
2. The Rams are covering all bases and simply doing due diligence
3. They're willing to trade their #1 for multiple draft choices in high rounds - The Jimmy Johnson/Bill Belichick approach - and Colt is in their plans.

I lean towards #2, but #3 is the money move, IMO. The Rams don't have a QB problem. They have a football team problem.

Sergio Kindle arrived at the pro day in a spaceship and proceeded to wreck everything like it was a West Campus apartment wall until a scout from the Ravens released a purr-a-key and subdued him. The NFL teams foolish enough to let him fall to the Patriots will be mocked for the next decade.

I believe Lamarr Houston is now solidly in the 2nd round after initially being regarded as a late rounder. Glad to see the scouts finally watched the same film we did. This is one of the best drafts for DTs in NFL history, so a 2nd round selection would be impressive. Lamarr is a fantastic player and a great Longhorn. Our NFL DT tradition carries on. No pressure, Kheeston Randall.

Muckelroy is an Ol Reliable type that defensive coaches love. Keep him clean with a solid DL and he's a cheap clean-up man who will do all of the dirty work and occasionally knock a running back out Beanie Wells-style. He lost 10 pounds from the NFL combine to Longhorn Pro Day and I'm not sure how to interpret that. It's not necessarily bad, but it ain't good. 4th/5th rounder?

I don't know how Adam Ulatoski did. I appreciate all Adam did for Longhorn football and his senior class won a lot of games for us. I'm not sure he loves football passionately. I think NFL scouts may detect the same feeling and that will impact his draft status. I sincerely hope to be proven wrong.

Of the less heralded players, Charlie Tanner is your most likely candidate for a Marcus Wilkins/Ahmard Hall/Quan Cosby FA bid. Before you mock me, you haven no idea what he looks like in a drive blocking scheme and the guy is a physically gifted athlete.

Deon Beasley isn't physical enough to play in the League.