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Spring Forward

Well spring practice is about to wind down so let's take a look at where we stand. We all get the same information from the pay sites, whether we pay for it, or come here and pirate the info. It's always the same shit, "Offense is killing the D which is playing lights out!" The old burnt orange glasses chestnut.

I'm going to type something I never thought I would. The information coming out of this spring is accurate, for the most part. I'll get to the shit I know, not what I've read from the you know who's, but it will sound similar to other reports.

Whaley-Kafka was cute with his "whale" joke. I liked it, and couldn't believe it took that long for someone to make. I'm going to modify it to Chris "Killa" Whale. He's not fat. He could definitely be more tone, but he looks to be in shape. He practices hard too. You know how when they said VY looked like a DE? Screw that nonsense, people were reaching. Listen when I tell you that Killa could swap uniforms with Eddie Jones and not even Mike Vallery could tell them apart.

Hales-The buzz all spring is that he's been making plays and taking advantage of his reps. This is true. I'd like to see him get the call for punt return duties over #4, at least early in the year.

Kirkendoll-He's making plays. I'm not going to say he breaks out next year. I am going to say that if he doesn't, it's not for lack of talent. He's been giving our secondary trouble. Everyone in it.

Great Scott-This light contact spring practice bullshit has to really anger this cat. Haven't seen him going full full speed. Picture John Force in a disobedient Prius. He looks like he just wants to do more out there, go faster. Has shown good hands for the pick. I'll set his O/U at 4.5 for int's next year. Check FLV to see what kind of odds you'll get.

The Brothers Brown-Solid. Curtis is up 23 oz. from the National Championship game, and Chykie's going to have his break out year. Heard it before right? We're ok here.

What to look for on Sunday-Scheme. After all the years of "we're going to fix our running game" you're actually going to see a genuine attempt. This H back stuff is the tits. I expect the D to dominate for the most part, but I want to watch our OL fire off forward and fight. I really like what they're building on the O.

I've got a friend with considerable football aptitude. He doesn't post on here mainly because the name 'Tim' is taken. I told him get all pseudonymous with it. It worked for Kierkegaard. Get a name, or two. After all, ransomstoddard is what HJ types under when he's feeling melancholy. Here are some of my boy's thoughts.....

Could the RB position be the strength of the offense? We have at least 6 guys that can carry the ball. If we had to play with Hills or McGee we can win games. We know what Fozzy and Tre can do. Cody, with motivation, would wear on a defense. The guy that's obviously getting a hard look is Whaley.

If you put him in a line up and guessed his position, RB would be guess #5. I struggle to find someone to compare him to. His lower body may have some Earl Campbell like size, but he's tall and wide. He's just going to be a unique body type carrying the ball. RB is his position though. He has the speed and agility of a much smaller ballcarrier, but his size will allow him to power forward at the point of contact, deliver blows, and break second level tackles. He appears to be a guy that can be corralled at the line of scrimmage, so giving him some space to get a full head of steam will be necessary. A lead blocker will be an aid to his running style as long as their not engaging at or behind the LOS. Start, stop, restart isn't going to be his running style, but that's the result of his body type. For his size, he still has above average quickness.

We obviously have committed to a 2 back philosophy, but it seems that it's going to come from a 2 TE personnel grouping. Lots of short motion from the H. Barrett M and Greg S seemed to fit this position well. Smith brings the OL background to a backfield position. He'll be able to take on whatever size defender that gets a running start at him. BM will be competent as well. He looks to be a little more stiff in the hips for a guy with such an athletic build. Don't look for him to make the difficult catch early on in his career if they decide to throw his way.

Our TEs are going to have small windows to catch the ball. We've got the QBs to get the ball to these windows. Accuracy is the characteristic that these guys have in common. Harris seemed to be the least accurate, but he can deliver a nicely thrown ball. All qbs seemed to have some lapses in decision making and timing. But I think all the young guys, including Gilbert, are improving with each rep. Gilbert is going to be a good offensive leader right off the bat next year, but I think we're going to learn how we took some of Colt McCoy's mistake-free fb for granted over the past few years.

Our wr position seems a little thin, save for John Chiles legs. There are a bunch of young guys taking reps, none will be the playmaker Ship has been. Some of these guys like Fitzhenry, may need to be counted on next year, but I really think that an incoming wr can come in and jump right in the mix. The defense is going to be good, so it makes you feel good when you see our O have some success.