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Colt McCoy breathes giant sigh of relief.....

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Washington, DC woke up to a minor bombshell this morning to discover Donovan McNabb will become a Deadskin next season for the price of a 2010 second and 2011 fourth (possibly third) round draft pick.

Since McCoy is unlikely to go in the first ten picks, he may be spared the indignation of participating in yet another Washington, D.C. quarterback controversy, as the Skins have elected to cough up a second rounder (McCoy's likely draft position) for an aging quarterback with questionable mobility behind an offensive line that is the league designated rest home for first round OL draft busts.

HenryJames swoons at those boyish good looks. Heath Shuler be DAMNED!!

Of course, this does nothing to alleviate the danger of Earl Thomas becoming yet another world class Longhorn DB relegated to the hell of Oakland, but at least Colt will not have face the wrath of voters in 2010.

Wait, what?