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Really, it's all about the student-athletes.

According to the National Journal's annual Salary Survey, the NCAA is one of the biggest trade association's in DC, revenue wise.

Bigger than the American Petroleum Institute, bigger than the American Cancer Society, bigger than the Chamber of Commerce. More than the UAW, Pharma, or just about anyone else you love or hate.

After AARP, the American Red Cross and the Nature Conservancy (which owns land for conservation purposes), few, if any organizations, can boast about the revenue the NCAA brought in last year: $658 million.

For comparison, the American Cancer Society made $429 million, the Chamber pulled down $147 million, AFL-CIO: $151 million, an enviro group, the Natural Resources Defense Council took $108 million. Your more typical, you've never heard it organization, like the Epilepsy Foundation, scrapped by on $14 million.

On a nice note, it looks like the estate of Myles Brand should be o.k. following his untimely passing last October: he made $1.6 million dollars in 2009.

The more you know.