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Phil Jackson Can EABOD's, imo

Don't understand EABOD? It stands for eating a bag of magnusbleuveigners.

As for why I think Phil Jackson should EABOD and if you haven't paid attention to this week's sound bite battle between Jackson and Durant, long story short, earlier this week, the Zen Master called out Kevin Durant for leading the league in free throw attempts in an obvious preemptive attack to limit the talented forward's trips to the charity stripe in the Lakers' first round playoff series vs. the OKC Thunder.

Durant's retort in the Daily Oklahoman was that he thought Jackson's comments were disrespectful.

And they were. Especially when you consider the source.

Phil Jackson has made a living off the preferential treatment his players have gotten over the years from the Association's complicit officiating rubes. Jordan and Jackson's Bulls were huge beneficiaries of NBA whistles over the years and that's fine. Jordan's the greatest player of all time.

But the treatment rose to ridiculous levels during the Kobe and Shaq era of Los Angeles Laker basketball. Who could forget Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals? A game that at worst, was fixed, and at best saw the Lakers attempt 40 foul shots on the Kings' home floor.

In the context of the officiating bias that Phil's teams have enjoyed over the years, where does Jackson get off talking trash about a player that should be the face of NBA basketball on and off the court? Kevin Durant is not only a great player but he's a great person.

Anyone want to compare Durant to the face of the Los Angeles Lakers? Step on up. Perhaps being accused of rape endears you to officials and self important jackass coaches, but I'll take Durantula any day of the week over Jordan, Shaq, and especially Kobe Bryant as far being a solid citizen goes.

And now, the latest from Coach Free Spirit who should stick to smoking bowls instead of smoking guns.

Phil Jackson wasn’t angry, but he was obviously annoyed that he’d been docked $35,000 by the NBA for his comments wondering about Kevin Durant’s high free-throw total.

"I wasn’t aware that the rules have changed, but they tell me that last year they stopped letting coaches spin," Jackson said after the Lakers’ practice Friday to prepare for their playoff series with Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder. "You have to be very honest and straightforward and never have any spin with what you say."

Jackson also didn’t get why Durant called it "disrespectful" to The Oklahoman, saying, "Whatever," at one point.

"I really don’t know what he was upset about," Jackson said. "It really wasn’t that upsetting. He shot the most free throws in the league. He made the most free throws in the league. He shot the most shots in the league. He made the most shots in the league. I voted for him on the All-Star team. He made the All-Star team. We know he’s a great player. Congratulations."

Whatever is right Phil. I hope Durant drops a double nickel on you and your gigantic head explodes.