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Nick Saban Is an Evil Wizard

Nick Saban has multiple guys on his Alabama payroll currently serving in pseudo-coaching capacities who are not actually classified as coaches.

Is it cheating? Or is it just being smarter and more aggressive than everybody else? Were Texas doing it, it would be the latter. Since Alabama is doing it and if they're doing anything, they're probably doing it illegally, I contend that it is cheating.

Corruption continues in the SEC, but this is one that can be researched and pointed out pretty easily, even if what they're doing is not public yet.

Two guys are reviewing game tape of opponents on a play-by-play basis and providing analysis and strategy regarding each team. This is a full-time job with former NFL guys being paid to do it, on campus.

Two more guys are being paid to sit and analyze recruits for the next two seasons, taking in tapes from all over the country. Again, this is a full-time job with a coaching focus, giving Alabama an edge where the area is gray.

I honestly can't understand why boundaries like this aren't pushed by the Texas staff. The Texas program is better-heeled than anyone else and can afford to do whatever it pleases. Perhaps it's just a basic personality difference between Mack Brown and Nick Saban, in terms of how they prepare. I don't think that's applicable for Muschamp even if it is a legit reason for why Brown wouldn't be taking the same approach.


On sundry other items, I've seen it written/speculated that OU no longer has a scholarship for Malcolm Brown. Not true. The schools that are interesting to Marquise Anderson are legitimately interesting to Malcolm Brown. Even TCU.

OU could wind up with some serious talent from Texas this year, if quietly. Hughes, Stephenson, Wallace. There are a few others along with the current adds of Williams, Metoyer and such.

Don't write off Rasco, although I am from Perrilloux, LA on that recruitment. Usual suspects Bama and LSU will likely wind up in a bidding war.

Forget about Brandon Williams and Aaron Green. If Green's dad and uncle wouldn't let Russell go to UT, do you really think that they'll let Green?

Success breeds stagnation. It's weird and not always true, but sometimes it becomes easy to avoid change and improvement because things are currently just going so well. I have to attribute the Texas Athletic Department's refusal to hire a nutritionist as such an issue. Texas has more money than anyone else and skimps on some of the dumbest things, such as performance and nutrition and academic support.