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NFL Draft Open SuperThread

For three days (the NFL has taken self-importance to a new level, what is this "Lonesome Dove"?), the futures of men, young (players) and old (Player personnel folk) will be cast.

Where will the men from the Forty Acres end up (please no more Redskins, Giants, or Eagles)? Will Colt get taken in the bottom of the 1st? Does Sergio fall to the 2nd? Does Chris Hall find a practice squad or stick with the God squad?

Lot of rumors going on. Big Ben to Arizona? Darren McFadden to Buffalo? Will Jimmy Claussen experience a Chris Simms' level descent? Will Al Davis draft Usain Bolt with his first pick? This should be fun.

We don't need more Cowbell. Kiper needs more Hair Gel. Here's Rick Gosselin's Mock Draft for a primer. Sergio falls out the 1st, Earl falls out of the top 20. Don't like that. Dallas gets Dez Bryant? I could live with that as long as we don't have to trade up beyond 22.

Also, be sure to check out ColoradoAg's Horrifying Draft hypothetical for entertaining invective and vitriol.

Lastly, it is rumored that Scipio may have some livebloggish comments from the draft itself tonight.

Let's talk about it. Anybody?