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Cory Joseph - Orange House.

Cory Joseph is a Longhorn, according to ESPN.

If you haven't seen Joseph play, the Findlay point guard is an outstanding shooter, average creator, and has a solid handle. He's rated as a Top 20 recruit nationally in all services. He can play point or off of the ball, but don't assume the typical combo guard stereotype of can't handle well enough to play point and can't shoot well enough to play 2.

March to March had an interesting take on Joseph and KU recruiting yesterday before Joseph's announcement.

He'll join big man and Findlay teammate Tristan Thompson in our 2010 class.

We're still looking to add another big man and have some irons in the fire.

What does Cory Joseph mean to us?

Well, for one, it gives us a pure shooter on the floor, something we sorely missed last year. If you put him on the court with Hamilton, you create spacing and the ability to punish overplay on defense. Although he's not an elite creator ala TJ Ford or even 2011 recruit Myck Kabongo, he can drive and kick, and he has a handle.

If J'Covan Brown will commit to his conditioning and emotional development, you have an intriguing combo backcourt.