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Cory Joseph: Huge Get for Texas

Head pounding...must have liquid...aspirin...menudo.

If it wasn't for magnubleuveigner running up triple digit bar tabs, I would have written this myself.

But I agree with most of this guy's points. From March to March.

Not to toot our own horn, Horns, but earlier this week we whispered sweet somethings to Longhorn nation about Cory ultimately ending up in Austin.

Despite the best efforts of a couple Big East big dogs, Villanova and UConn, and Big Brother Joseph’s school, Minnesota, Cory elected to play his college basketball in Texas mainly because it’s a match made in heaven.

Texas needs a guard, any guard, with skills like a, ummm, a guard. The Horns simply don’t have a guard on the roster with a skillset as well rounded as Cory Joseph. It was a sales pitch and point that was made perfectly clear to the Joseph camp during the recruiting process.

So in greater detail, let’s take a look at what Cory Joseph’s buying and the Texas Longhorn’s are selling.