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Early 2011 NFL Draft Predictions

Crap, people are noticing Aaron Williams' badassness already. I knew it would come out eventually but I thought people would wait to see this year's domination before jumping on the AW bandwagon.

Mel Kiper's early 2011 Mock Draft Top 10

 1. Jake Locker QB Washington - I know some disagree with this but I actually really like Locker and think he will be a good pro.  He has improved his accuracy quite a bit and everything else is NFL quality.  People laughed when some early mocks had him going #1 before he pulled out of the draft but I would take him over Bradford in a heart beat. 

2. Robert Quinn DE UNC - 11 sacks as a JR on one of the best DLs in the country.  They should be the best DL again this year with Quinn and Marvin Austin back.  Not top 2 quality though. 

3. Andrew Luck QB Stanford - All that being said about Locker above, I take this kid #1. 

4. AJ Green WR Georgia - Both of these idiots have him going waaay too early.  Is this kid going to run a 4.4 flat or something?  He doesn't look that fast and he isn't going to put up Larry Fitzgerald numbers in that offense.  He's been a 55 catch 900 yard 7 TD guy so far.

5. Adrian Clayborn DE Iowa - Not a prototype NFL edge rushing sack guy so no way he goes this high.  I see him more of a 3-4 end badass once he gets to the NFL but it'll be via the 2nd round as those guys typically are. 

6. Ryan Mallet QB Arkansas - There will be 3 very good NFL QB prospects next year and Mallet will be a good NFL fit in the Joe Flacco mold.  Huge guy, huge arm, zero mobility and you can win with him. 

7. Marcel Dareus DE Alabama - This is the guy that knocked Colt out of the NC game.  I don't remember him being top 10 worthy last year as Bama was more about Mt Cody and their back 7.

8. Aaron Williams CB Texas - shhhhhh.  Nobody's supposed to know. 

9. Patrick Peterson CB LSU - legitimate stud as well, could have been the first corner taken this year.  Much better than Joe Haden.  Two great CB prospects next year if they both come out early. 

10. Mark Ingram RB Alabama - 2nd best RB on his team but #1 RB in the draft. 

Todd McShay's early 2011 Mock Draft Top 10 (Offensive Players only)

1. Andrew Luck QB Stanford - The one pick that McShay got right. 

2. Jake Locker QB Washington - See Above

3. AJ Green WR Georgia - See Above

4. Gabe Carimi OT Wisconsin - Never heard of him but he's a huge tackle from Wisconsin so he's probably worthy of this spot.

5. Ryan Mallet QB Arkansas - See Above

6. Mark Ingram RB Alabama - See Above

7. Julio Jones WR Alabama - Once he runs a 4.65 at the combine, he isn't going first round.

8. Ryan Williams RB Va Tech - 2nd Best RB?  Geebus, that will be a bad RB crop. 

9. Jonathan Balwin WR Pitt - This guy's a baller.  Much better than Jones or Green, imo.

10.  Mike Pouncey OG Florida - His twin brother just got drafted #18 by Pittsburgh.  Mike will get drafted around the same spot. 

Kiper also has his Top 5 returning seniors for each position and he has Curtis Brown as the #2 senior and that's the only Longhorn.  Come to think of it, we are going to be a very young team next year except on the offensive line.  Oddly enough, that will probably be our position of greatest weakness as well.  Hmmmmm.  Thoughts?