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Queue the fat lady

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The Texas Longhorns baseball team has won 17 consecutive games. Normally, I would write a column on such a run, but the baseball gods are a fickle bunch. Even this brief mention may merit the end of the streak.

Last night’s 6-4 win against UTSA is not really worth mention, but the stranglehold Texas now has on the Big 12 is. The Horns are sitting at 16-2 in Big 12 play. Kansas State, who Texas has not played yet, is in second at 9-5.

If you want to get even more ridiculous start looking at pitching stats, individual honors or watch an episode of Glee. Two Horns took home the conference’s weekly baseball honors, Cameron Rupp and Cole Green. For those scoring at home, this is Green’s third weekly accolade. He just pitched his second consecutive complete game shutout. Read that again.

All Rupp did is slug 1.286 against Oklahoma State. Ho-hum.

The only challenge facing this team is in the locker room and dugout. Augie Garrido is going to have to manufacture some adversity before postseason play begins. It is too much to expect for the team to continue at this kind of pace through Summer. Locating the fine edge of peak performance once it’s lost is one of the biggest challenges in coaching. Perhaps Augie will invite Seung Sahn to speak to the team while they chug green tea. Then again, they may be good enough to mash opponents through Omaha?