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Avery Bradley Signs with an Agent

Indeed a startling turn of events in the sports news cycle, on par with Janet Napolitano professing her fanatic love for the WNBA, Avery Bradley has signed with an agent.

Even more surprising is there seems to be a contingent of NBA scouts/coaches/execs that have the hubris to think they can turn Bradley into a lead guard in the NBA. Really? Is it solid value maximization to make a first round bet on being able to teach a guy an essential basketball skill that he hasn't learned in 15 years? I don't think so.

Is an early 20's pick one that you use on a 6-2 shooting guard that struggles to put the ball on the deck? Hmmm.

The 6-foot-2 Bradley played exclusively at shooting guard for Rick Barnes, but some NBA executives project him as a point guard in the NBA.

Look, I get that Bradley's measurables are off the chart. Avery has otherworldly athleticism, a solid shooting stroke, and a willingness to guard, but the gigantic, no dribbling elephant in the room is that Avery struggles to bounce the rock from here to there without turning the ball over.

I mean if you can't blow-by some schlep from Iowa State and finish at the rim, how are you going to do it against Derek Fisher backed by the Lakers' front court of fly-swatters?

I like Avery Bradley, and I think the Texas coaching staff did a poor job of putting him in a position to be successful, but Rick Carlisle can't dribble for you, either, Avery.

The good news is that Texas traded Avery Bradley for Cory Joseph, a kid that is a great fit for Barnes' offense. And yes, the two were mutually exclusive.

It's bad news, perhaps, for the fans of the NBA club that makes the Avery Bradley first round bet. In any event, we wish the young man all the best and hope he proves us wrong.