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Trent Williams - I'm not a Sooner anymore.

Per writer Matt Mosley for ESPN, with the link here.

Williams confirms a couple of things that we knew already:

1) Jerry Schmidt is a sociopath with no sense of loyalty or means to value the contributions of others. This has been confirmed repeatedly by other former players, including Williams' new and old teammate, Malcolm Kelly. Outside of instilling a sense of toughness with the Sooner players through tactics such as forcing them to eat their own vomit (see Chad Roark), and attacking opposing players that are tackled near the Sooner sidelines (watch any Sooner game), and looking like Chet from Weird Science (STEWED!!!! Buttwad), Schmidt does an excellent job of protecting the Sooner program from that pesky problem of having too many former players hanging around to engender a sense of program continuity and community.

2) Jeff Madden, at least, isn't the worst S&C coach in all of sports.

3) Bob Stoops doesn't care one bit about the welfare of his athletes or their futures. Remember that prior to this season, he encouraged Bradford to return under the scenario that he wouldn't be a top pick and his injury risk was minimal. He allegedly attempted to force Gresham to play with a torn ACL. And he continues to allow Brian Bosworth on the sidelines.

4) OU doesn't have the fibers necessary within their chemical and physical makeup as a program to return to an elite status as long as Stoops continues to downgrade his coaching talent and allows his hangers on, such as Schmidt, to molest the collective psyche of his teams.

Why any player would find it a good idea to visit OU, much less sign on the dotted line to play for the program there is beyond normal human comprehension. It's evident that in addition to hating puppies and Jesus, Bob Stoops also hates his former players and may even hate his own program in a self-loathing, used to be a fat kid, kind of way.