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Gynecomastia, imo

In dog bites man related news, star linebacker Brian Cushing has been suspended for four games by the NFL for a steroid or performance enhancing drug violation.

In the NFL, getting busted for steroids is tanatamount to being kicked out of a strip club for trying to pass off a baggie of creatine monohydrate as genuine blow. (I'm sure there's a Barker on here that can attest.)

Your offense has to be so egregious that it embarrasses the same league that allowed Tony Mandarich, Lyle Alzado, and a bevy of over-achieving meat heads to have playing weights in the 270's, only to drop down to 215 once they get in the broadcast booth.

No, I won't name names.

As for an illustration of what a steroid cocktail produced embarrassment looks like, I offer the following visual evidence.

bitch tits

It's also proof that God loves Vince Young. Like a son. (Thanks HenryJames)