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Fait Accompli

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History shows that overwhelming favorites typically win. Ask the Christians about the Lions. Ask a sorority girl about the freshman 15. Ask the Big 12 baseball coaches about the Longhorns in 2010.

So, on Saturday when the Texas baseball team used a 17-2 blistering of Kansas State to clinch the regular season championship it was expected. This is what Texas baseball is supposed to do.

This is the second straight regular season title for the baseball team. The Horns have won 4 of the last 5 regular season titles. The only person denying the utter superiority of the Longhorns is Brian Cushing.

Texas is now 21-3 in Big 12 play, equaling the highest number of wins since the conference dropped to a 27-game schedule. What other team boasts the 21-win total? Wait for it......Texas (21-6 in 2007).

Only the Missouri Tigers can prevent the Longhorns from breaking their own Big 12 record for total conference wins. The Tigers (7-13) are fresh off a sweep by KU and stand as much chance as a cheese pizza in the Tri-Delt house at 2AM.

Pitcher Cole Green continued his dominance over the weekend, hurling his fourth complete game of the season.  Green is 10-0 and has thrown a CG in three of his last four starts. Both of KSU's runs on Saturday were unearned. Cole's ERA is 1.45 - considering that he leads the Horns in innings pitched, if Green continues his run throughout the postseason, he will be manipulating The Matrix like Vince Young.

future buzz

Next up? Louisiana Tech is coming to Austin for a bloodbath pair of games this weekend. Then the Horns close out the regular season with the series in Columbia, MO. The Big 12's postseason tournament will follow that, but with a national seed locked into place, Texas is only playing for positioning.

Photo Credit: Rod Mikinski