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Meet The Pac 10's New Consultant

The Pac 10 has hired Creative Artists Agency (CAA), to advise it on expansion and its next media deal.

The Beverly Hills talent firm is an A-List agency that boasts such clients as Steven Spielberg, George Clooney and Willie Nelson as well as sports starts LeBron James, Peyton Manning and Derek Jeter. Since its inception in 1975 CAA has become a one-stop shop for media from client services to production of movies and events.

The Pac 10 is looking for CAA to help reposition its brand, explore the options of expansion, and create a business plan for a Pac-10 Channel.

CAA is expected to involve some of its celebrity clients in Pac-10 events such as football media day and the Pac-10 Basketball Tournament.

So if things fall just right

Meet the new host of Longhorn Sports Center Weekly.