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Big 10 Expansion: Easy Does It

Big 10 expansion talk will remain just that for the forseeable future. Big 10 Commissioner Jim Delany made it clear today that the league study of expansion will stretch into November, perhaps even 2011.

Delany made a couple of other items clear as well. When the "study" is done, any application or acceptance into the Big 10 would be a mere formality.

"Nobody would apply without knowing they would be welcome to apply. We’re not interested in embarrassing ourselves," Delany said.

He also acknowledged that the two main reasons for expansion are to grow the Big 10 Network base, and to address the population flight from the North and Midwest to the South.

Meanwhile, the new ACC-ESPN TV deal is seen at good news by the Pac 10.

Pac 10 Commissioner Larry Scott made it clear that he felt like his league was undervalued and that the league's new consultant will help them decide on the possibility of Pac-10 expansion by the end of the year.