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He is a Titan, A Mighty Mighty Titan

Vince Young is running around Turks and Caicos on ESPN's dime for some much-deserved sand and surf (dispelling HenryJames' notion that black people are afraid of water). Similar to the time we sent Trips Right to Juarez to mule some H back for us to pay our server bills.

I like it when Vince tells me me he's my boy. Like Genghis Khan bringing me my favorite Garrafeira. I'm all atwitter.

Certainly, like any of us, I'm nervous when I see Vince walking into a establishment referring to itself as a RumBar. It's not a Patron shot bar, so that's something.

Vince also promises to whoop a shark's ass. As a Texas fan I put my money on Vince. Unlike certain posters on this site, I'm pretty sure Vince can conquer all manner of alien and animal creatures, like Predator or Pete Carroll. Or Jeff FIsher's gameplan. Paging Doperbo.

He is already on Kenny Britt's ass.

The one line I liked is when he talks to 'coach' and says 'Believe in me, baby.' As Scipio has pointed out, he has to have total buy in from his superiors. It seems like it's at the heart of the VY Conundrum.

He's also ready to get back to work.

As Trips said, Rumble YOUNG man. Rumble.

Watch below and read here.