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Big 12 Win Shares through 5/16

If you haven't already, read my previous post on Texas win shares in order to understand where I started from.

Now, as it turns out it didn't take nearly as long to run these as I thought it would.

All individual stats are available on, so that took care of the data acquisition part. All that was left was reformatting the spreadsheet to make it more plug-and-play friendly. And then just a little bit of time after that. A quick Q&A before the link:

  1. Where did the negative win shares go? - Well, I got rid of them. Any player with negative win shares was zeroed out. After running the entire conference I decided this was the obvious way to go with the Big 12. College baseball has far more vastly weak players than the big leagues; these players were causing undesired bumps in their decent teammates' win shares totals. Furthermore, the marginal runs concept means that we have picked an arbitrary point to state that players are actually costing their team wins. By doing this we are simply saying that any player that would have ended up negative did not contribute anything toward their team's wins.
  2. Any other changes? - Yes, there were some tweaks made to the win shares calculations, particularly the part where the win shares are divvied up between a team's pitching and fielding and then between the fielding positions. The environment did not lend itself to using the straight calculations from MLB in some of those areas, particularly the Defensive Efficiency Record and team strikeouts-based claim points.
  3. What's with all the players with zero total win shares? - I included everyone listed on the statistical records. The players with zero either totaled zero through no actual stats other than games played or else they were some of the players with negative calculation results.

Here's the link. If you play with the column headings right you can sort them pretty much however you want. By team then fielding win shares, for example, is actually done by clicking the fielding win shares ranking header (#) and then clicking the team header.