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2010 Barking Carnival All-Big 12 Baseball Teams

That's right, the first annual Barking Carnival All-Big 12 Baseball Teams. I could have let the fact that I haven't watched any Big 12 games not involving Texas this year bother me, but what's the fun in that?

And, much more importantly, letting that stop me would have gone against baseball tradition. If you don't believe me, just ask Rafael Palmeiro's 1999 Gold Glove Award.

I'm not going to kid anyone, these are pretty much based straight off of the final Big 12 Win Shares results. The only slight changes were made in the gold glove and honorable mention sections. Well, that and the DH position where I selected a first baseman as the first team DH. So, since I'm sure you're all on the edge of your seats, here they are:

Pitcher of the Year: Cole Green, Texas

Position Player of the Year: Nick Martini, Kansas State

First Team
SP Cole Green, Texas
SP Barret Loux, Texas A&M
SP Zach Neal, Oklahoma
RP Chance Ruffin, Texas
RP John Stilson, Texas A&M
RP Brooks Pinckard, Baylor
C Cameron Rupp, Texas
1B Aaron Senne, Missouri
2B Robby Price, Kansas
3B Adam Muenster, Kansas State
SS Carter Jurica, Kansas State
OF Nick Martini, Kansas State
OF Brian Heere, Kansas
OF Kevin Keyes, Texas
DH Barrett Barnes, Texas Tech

Second Team
SP Taylor Jungmann, Texas
SP Brandon Workman, Texas
SP Logan Verrett, Baylor
RP James Allen, Kansas State
RP Michael Wacha, Texas A&M
RP Brad Propst, Oklahoma State
C Brett Nicholas, Missouri
1B Tant Shepherd, Texas
2B Jamodric McGruder, Texas Tech
3B Garrett Buechele, Oklahoma
SS Brodie Greene, Texas A&M
OF Michael Reed, Texas Tech
OF Logan Vick, Baylor
OF Cohl Walla, Texas
DH Russell Moldenhauer, Texas

Honorable Mention
SP: Ross Stripling, Texas A&M; Michael Mariot, Nebraska; Bobby Doran, Texas Tech
RP: Jack Mayfield, Oklahoma; Chad Bettis, Texas Tech; Craig Fritsch, Baylor; Hoby Milner, Texas
C: Gregg Glime, Baylor; Jeremy Mayo, Texas Tech; Tyler Ogle, Oklahoma
1B: Cameron Seitzer, Oklahoma; Matt Juengel, Texas A&M
2B: Duren Davis, Oklahoma State; Adam Smith, Texas A&M
3B: Tony Thompson, Kansas; Kevin Lusson, Texas; Max White, Oklahoma
SS: Caleb Bushyhead, Oklahoma; Brandon Loy, Texas; Brandon Macias, Kansas
OF: Dane Opel, Missouri; Jimmy Waters, Kansas; DJ Belfonte, Nebraska; Adam Bailey, Nebraska; Chris Ellison, Oklahoma; Scott LeJeune, Texas Tech

Gold Gloves
P Taylor Jungmann, Texas
C Cameron Rupp, Texas
1B Tant Shepherd, Texas
2B Jordan Etier, Texas
3B Garrett Buechele, Oklahoma
SS Brandon Loy, Texas
OF Brian Heere, Kansas
OF Connor Rowe, Texas
OF Matt Giller, Kansas State

Feel free to correct any obvious issues like incorrect positions, etc. The Gold Gloves were selected based on a combination of fielding win shares, fielding percentage, and plays made (putouts plus assists). Going by straight fielding win shares was inadvisable because there would have been eight Longhorns instead of six. That being said, it's hard to argue against the six that made the list when you look at the numbers. Suggestions are welcome from those of you who have watched more Big 12 baseball than I have this year.