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National Recruiting Rankings

The Rivals Top 100 and the ESPN150 were recently released. I know recruiting season is all but done for us but it's "fun" to see where our guys and potential targets stack up. Here are the rankings with our commits in bold.

Rivals 100
10 Malcolm Brown RB
12 C Westerman OL
14 S Edmond LB

21 Aaron Green RB
24 Trey Metoyer WR (OU)
29 A Sefarian Jenkins TE
32 Matt Hegarty OL (Notre Dame)
38 Brandon Williams RB (OU)
43 LaDarius Brown WR
47 Sedrick Flowers OG
50 Q Diggs ATH

53 Hershel Sims RB (OSU)
55 Josh Turner CB
66 Desmond Jackson DT
79 Quincy Russell DT
94 Marquis Anderson DT (OU)

4 C Westerman
7 M Brown
15 Aaron Green
17 Q Diggs
24 Hegarty
25 Desmond Jackson
42 James Vaughters (Not on Rivals)
51 S Edmond
58 T Metoyer
70 S Flowers
73 B Williams
87 Josh Turner
88 ASJ
89 Nathan Hughes (OU committ, Not on Rivals)
94 LaDarius Brown
100 Hershel Sims
113 J Rasco (Not on Rivals)
120 Sheroid Evans CB (Not on Rivals)
133 Leroy Scott CB (Not on Rivals)
140 Garrett Greenlea OL (Not on Rivals)

141 Anthony Wallace LB (Not on Rivals)
149 Charles Jackson DB (Not on Rivals)

At first glance, Rivals has Desmond Jackson way too low.

No Texas based recruiting service has him outside the top three in the state and nobody would complain about him being #1. It's incredible to see Diggs as a top 50 in both lists and even at #17 in the nation on ESPN considering that we didn't immediately offer him. Rivals hasn't given 5 stars to everyone so currently we have zero but we should end up with two in Westerman and Edmond (plus Brown if we land him). Interesting to see Rivals leave off James Vaughters and Rasco as everyone assumed they would be top recruits a few months back.

Rasco is only #113 on ESPN so it doesn't seem like the hype translated into high rankings for him. Cedric Reed is nowhere on either list. Greenlead, Scott and Evans snuck into the ESPN rankings late, I figured at least one of them would crack the Top 100 on one of these lists.

The guys that we are still after are Malcolm Brown (Rivals 10 / ESPN 7), Aaron Green (21/15), Josh Turner (Rivals 55 / ESPN 87) and Austin Sefarian Jenkins (29/88).  Also maybe Charles Jackson (149 ESPN) if Turner goes elsewhere or we decide to take two more CBs. 


Update (6/2):  Rivals 250 came out today:

124 - Cochran
133 - G Greenlea
135 - Sheroid Evans
183 - J Shipley
186 - McFarland
190 - Chet Moss
204 - Cedric Reed
213 - M Thompson

Left completely off the list and probable 3 stars:

Leroy Scott
Joe Bergeron
Kendall Thompson
David Ash
Marcus Hutchins
Taylor Doyle
Miles Onyegbule

Hilarious that Cochran is a better OL prospect than Greenlea and Chet Moss is higher ranked than Cedric Reed, Leroy Scott and Kendall Thompson.  Seriously, this is your effing job.  It's pretty hard to mess that up that badly.