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Heisman Trust to Revisit Vince Young's Award

...currently being held by Reggie Bush. From the World Wide Leader.

The president of the Heisman Trophy Trust said Thursday that if former USC Trojans running back and Heisman winner Reggie Bush were to be ruled retroactively ineligible by the NCAA, a review of Bush's award could commence as early as Tuesday.

The NCAA ruling on USC's shenanigans, specifically Reggie Bush, should come out tomorrow. I expect a slap on the wrist but hope for an SMU-styled death penalty, Pete Carroll being drawn and quartered, and Vince Young getting prima nocta rights to the Kardashian sisters and the USC song girls with the proviso that their first born males sign with the University of Texas.

Why not?

The Heisman Trophy Trust will look closely at what Bush was found by the NCAA to have individually done to violate NCAA rules, including whether he received extra benefits. On the Heisman Trophy ballot, it is stated that "the recipients must be in compliance with the bylaws defining an NCAA student athlete."

Plus, how can Michael Jordan in cleats not win the Heisman? Even if he's not a citizen of this planet.