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NCAA Regionals Open Thread

HenryJames leaves the country for two weeks and manages to arrive back in Austin within an hour of first pitch. Reason #4,590 to loathe this man. But he still uses a travel agent and is excited about getting a cellular flip phone for Christmas, so I find my sympathies conquering sheer hatred once again.

Regional action is underway and the Horns take the field against Rider tonight at 6:30 CST.

ESPN decided the Austin Regional didn't meet their standard of excellence so it won't be on TV but you can watch it live online here.

The Aggies broke out their lone can of WHOOP! Ass on FIU with a 17-3 (non-moral) victory but Wittels' hit streak continues at 55. That's the real story and proves A&M's sustained irrelevance knows no geographic bounds.

Other scores from around the country:

Rice 0
ULaLa 1


Arkansas 6
Grambling 0


Citadel 4
Virginia Tech 0


Baylor 0
Arizona 0


Alabama 2
Elon 0


Clemson 2
Southern Miss 0


On hot summmer nights in Houston when Huckleberry likes to throw down a few on the back porch, he sings this song, tormenting every animal in the neighborhood with his smooth Slavic vocals ...