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USC Findings Postponed, Conference Mergers, and Texas Tech

So it looks like whatever violation findings the NCAA Paper Tiger has discovered at Watts University won't be announced today. According to the WWL.

USC will apparently have to wait until at least next week to learn the outcome of an NCAA investigation into the school's football and basketball programs.

The little conspiracy theory voice inside my head says this has something to do with the proposed Pac 10/Big 12 merger. The golden goose ain't so golden with the crown jewel of the Pac 10 conference constipated with scholarship reductions and potential bowl or TV bans.

But that would mean the NCAA Infractions Committee is bringing some real punishment to bear in the Reggie Bush case. Which we all know is impossible.

So the voice o' reason takes over, and it's telling me nothing's going to happen to USC anyway so the timing of the announcement has little if anything at all to do with the recent conference merger proposal.

It looks like the Pac 10 it is and an NCAA slap on the wrist for the Condoms.

Speaking of the Pac 10, fuck Texas Tech and apparently the Texas Legislature for cramping our conference realignment style.

You have to check out this interesting article from the Columbus Dispatch validating our own srr50 and his theory that the Pac 10 proposal to include Tech, OU, and OSU didn't pass the smell test. His ability to smell things is the main reason I don't play poker with this Barker.

By cramping our style I mean costing Texas and Texas A&M millions of dollars in research funds the two schools would be entitled to by joining the Big 10. Not to mention a piece of the wildly successful Big 10 Television Network and the opportunity to create the first true Super-Conference by potentially adding Notre Dame down the road.

Also, being part of a Super-Conference exponentially increases the chance that we'll add capes to our uniforms.

It's enough to make me want to hurl tortillas at my kids instead of our governor because Rick Perry is protected by the Mossad.

Flour not corn of course.