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Okay, Nebraska Is Gone, But What If They Are The Only One?

Now that the Nebraska Board of Regents has actually added an item on their Friday agenda entitled, "Resolution regarding UNL (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) athletic conference alignment" we can assume the Huskers are out the Big 12 door.

However, every credible report says they are the only program being invited to join the Big 10. No Missouri, no Syracuse, no Rutgers at this time. Just a nice round even dozen programs.

So it that enough for Texas to lead the "Dirty Half-Dozen" out of the league as well? There are other rumors out there that Colorado has already received an invitation to the Pac 10, perhaps as a pressure point on Texas to move now or watch the Pac 10 expand to 12 teams, (say Colorado and Utah) leaving the Big 12 two short.

Everybody is going all in on this hand of Texas Hold Em.