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NCAA v. USC Trojans- Verdict is in

The LA Times is reporting that the sanctions are a two year bowl ban, forfeit all games from at least the 2004 season (Auburn national champs!!!), lose 20 football scholarships and Reggie Bush has to write a formal apology to Vince Young for stealing his Heisman Trophy.

That last one hasn't been confirmed yet.

The official report will come out tomorrow or Friday. I imagine that some probation will also be tacked on. It doesn't say how many years those 20 scholarships will cover but that seems like a lot. They will be coming off probation just as we possibly become conferencemates.

I also wonder what this means for their Rivals #1 ranked 2010 recruiting class and the studs that they have already landed for 2011. Rick Neuheisel must be cackling cigar in mouth over a game of gin rummy right about now.

I'm not sure what I expected the punishment to be but my first impression is to be pretty impressed that the NCAA did even this much to the Trojans. What do you say?