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Knock, Knock!

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Who's there?


Agamemnon, who?

Aw, screw it - it's the gang from Indy and we have a lovely sack for you to put your balls in.

Essentially, the NCAA's Achilles has just dragged USC's Hector behind a chariot with spinning rims all across Watts for the world to witness.

I have personally been hard on the NCAA a lot of this blog. I looked at the organization as at best an ineffective bureaucracy and at worst a deceitful and avaricious racket.

This news, if it stands up, shocks me. The ruling has real teeth in it and while not an SMU Electric Chair, surely leaves Vol Nation wearing a karmic shit-eating grin from ear to ear.

That said, I still see some hypocrisy as I doubt you will see them policing coaches and programs from their cash cow, NCAA Hoops.

I've spent some time today reading this:

NCAA USC Hammered

Damn. Damning.

Quickly, no, OU doesn't get the BCS trophy. Neither does Auburn.

And reportedly Vince doesn't want Reggie's hardware. He has a BCS Trophy and an MVP award. And had the BCS record for total yardage till Tebus took it away from him while beating the shit out of a corchless Cincinnati squad in a meaningless game. Just another reason to love Josh McDaniel.

A few real questions remain:

1) Why? I'm at a loss trying to see why USC and why now.

2) Who's next? Now that they've tasted blood, do other Evil Wizards need to fear them?

3) When will Pete Tweet again?

Give me your thoughts.