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Previewing the Rest of the Week and Weekend

Southern Cal vs. the NCAA

dick has the latest word in his latest post. Seems fairly set in stone what the punishment will be although word that it's actually 21 scholarships is now coming out

(7 scholarships per year over 3 years). Predictably, Southern Cal fans are whining about being mistreated. The word should come out today, so hold on to your hats, Trojans.


Texas takes on TCU in the Super Regional starting tomorrow at 2:00 local time on ESPN2HD. The other solid matchup on our side of the draw is Fullerton at UCLA. Game Two is Saturday at noon and Game Three, if necessary, would be Sunday at 3:00.

BC Super Regionals Preview
Rivals/Yahoo/Kendall Austin Super Regional Preview


The United States opens the World Cup on Saturday at 1:00 Texas time against the Redcoats. I think the match is scheduled for 1:30 but there's actually a pregame show for this one. ABC is carrying this one. Historically speaking we dominate the English. 1776, 1812, 1950. Ownage. Therefore I'm going with a 2-1 USA victory based on nothing more than nationalistic fervor.

Pitchmen Matchup Preview
ESPN Soccernet piece on Coach Bob Bradley

Conference Realignment

So many rumors going around right now it's hard to keep up. Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Colorado to the Pac-10 clearly has the most steam. Then late last night Stewart Mandel tweets that the Aggies are being courted by the SEC. According to Aggie message boards, this means the Aggies hold the key to everything nationwide.

The San Jose Mercury News posted information that today it becomes the Pac-11, which would effectively shut Baylor out of any final Pac-10 configuration. However, that leaves the door open for Texas and Texas A&M to take their balls and go to the Big Ten if the rumors are true that there is an offer open to the two Texas flagships in that conference. At this point, the big loser may be Missouri if neither Notre Dame nor Texas goes to the Big Ten. Sheriff Blalock has officially hit the panic button at Atomic Teeth. Meanwhile, the Oread Boom Kings are counting on a Nigerian prince to save the day.

Should be an exciting 3-4 days in sports.