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Tommy Tuberville Has Some Advice For The Aggies

The new Texas Tech coach was on Houston's KILT Radio 610 Thursday and talked about A&M's possible defection to the SEC.

Tuberville, said that he thought A&M would probably not go, but if they thought it was the best for them to head to the SEC then the former Auburn coach had this piece of advice.

"Well, they’d better really, really think about it before they cross those borders, and cross the Mississippi River, because it’s a totally different type of football, different brand of football, a different type of recruiting. You gotta really be careful as to what you are getting into."

Tuberville also made a pitch for a re-vote for the 2004 National Championship should USC have to vacate the title for the Reggie Bush infractions. His Auburn Tigers finished unbeaten for the season, but were left out of the BCS title game where the Trojans thumped Oklahoma.

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