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The 2008 Coaches Poll Vote Revisited - Big 12 Style

Looking back at how the Bob Stoops Big 12 coaching tree and friends fared after the final BCS coaches poll of 2008:

Bob Stoops: After getting embarrassed by Percy Harvin, Tebow & Co., in the title game, they show up the following year with an 8-5 record, another loss to Texas, and wind up publicly coattailing big brother Texas to the PAC 16.

Mark Mangino
: Accused of molesting players (at least their egos), buffet lines, and the general rigors of personal hygiene, Mangino was summarily fired in a brutally public lynching following an unsuccessful 2009 campaign. Mangino was last scene attempting seppuku as a recourse for his embarrassment, but unable to find a sword long enough to get the job done.

Art Briles: Proudly coached Baylor to another losing record after losing his starting QB to injury early in the season. Following the season, Briles was gifted the opportunity of coaching Baylor into a new era of ineptitude as the school was thrown from the upper echelon of conferences to being depantsed by TCU for admission into the Mountain West. A pariah of the college football world after 16 years of zero bowl appearances, Baylor's next stop may be to shine UH's shoes shortly before being offered a spot in the mighty Conference USA. Nice upgrade, Art. Let us know how it works out when Baylor can no longer afford your salary.

Mike Leach: Followed Tech's greatest season ever (Ole Miss Cotton Bowl, holla!), Leach soared to new heights. He guided his proud pack of Juco students to an 8-4 record before being ignominiously fired by the West Texas Tier 3 institution for being dumb enough to send a famous guy's rich kid into solitary confinement with a cell phone and, probably, a doublepopped polo collar. Leach was last scene moving his shit out of Lubbock to early retirement in the Florida keys.

Bo Pelini: Bo probably fared the best. He nutted up with his program in a hilarious choke against a non-con opponent; captained the program to an 8 turnover loss to Iowa State at home; and then literally cried on national television after losing on the last play of the game to Nebraska's famed Daddy, Texas. He was rewarded after the season with an affair scandal between his brother and a UNL booster's daughter, followed by being part of the embarrassment of UNL taking their ball and going home. By home, in this instance, I mean a place Nebraska has never been, with no natural rivals and a second class status within the new conference. He at least has a pre-season top 10 ranking to go along with the public photos taken of his school's vagina after they announced that they're bailing on the Big 12 a year early in order to avoid playing Texas in Austin.

Good work, guys. Maybe in the future you can just straight up attempt to kick God in the nuts and tell him that his mother dresses him funny. Hell - it might work out better for you. The cast and creators of Poltergeist fared better.