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Reason Number 3,656 to Love Vince Young

Apparently Vince Young doesn't like a "F' Texas" with a Horns down combo. From TMZ.

"...We're told the manager is from Oklahoma and flashed an upside down "hook 'em horns" hand signal and said "F**k the Longhorns" to Vince -- who, if you don't know, was a National Championship quarterback for the University of Texas Longhorns.? That's when Vince allegedly socked the manager in the face and had to be dragged out of the club, according to sources. Vince's reps haven't gotten back to us yet."

The holier than thou's will get on to Vince for being at a gentleman's club late at night and I get that. Speaking of which, the gentleman's club is called Onyx, and that makes this story even more full of win.

And it's probably not a good idea to dot a guy who works at one of those establishments even if he is in full-on douche mode. But I'm willing to overlook that because the Horns down thing has always gotten under my skin.

Even when Vince screws up, he still manages to come off as pretty cool as far as I'm concerned. Stay out of the nudey, Vince, but keep fighting the good fight...with your non-throwing hand por favor.

Hook 'Em