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Anticipatory Breach of Contract

If you don't understand what that is, get your education at Better Off Red. The comments section is particularly illuminating. Nebraska went into the meetings with a strategy that was not meant to create understanding or compromise so much as provide court fodder that Texas and others were intent on dissolving the Big 12 too. Nebraska, they will argue, had their hand forced.

It's not that Nebraska or Colorado won't write us a check. In fact, what the league will do is hold back their television revenue, essentially garnishing their program wages, to recover (at least some portion) of what the breach of contract payments stipulate. This will spark the lawsuit from the Huskers and Buffs.

Even if Nebraska and Colorado have no winnable case, as they certainly don't possess clean hands, the Big 12 and the administrations of the various schools (not to mention Larry Scott) must decide if having their dirty laundry aired in court (and here) is worth the trouble. My supposition is that it is, particularly if Beebe wants to keep his 20-25 million dollar promise.

The upside: we may actually get to the truth of what really drove realignment, what the conversations were, and who was influencing who.

Get your popcorn ready.