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Arkansas: No Interest In The Big 12-2

Expansion rumors involving Arkansas wanting into the Big 12 won't go away even if Jerry Jones denies wanting to get his alma mater and Notre Dame into the league.

Arkansas Chancellor David Gearhart came out and said he has no knowledge of any contact, and that the SEC was the best conference in the country and he saw no reason for Arkansas to move.

Said Gearhart, "I suspect this thing will go on, but we’re not going anywhere...Everybody, I think it’s fair to say, is very, very happy that we are in the SEC and that we’re staying in the SEC"

Gearhart added, "I suspect it’s a big deal to so many people that it’s probably going to have a life of its own for awhile...But we don’t have any interest in going anywhere."

It's one thing to issue a non-denial denial, but the Chancellor seems emphatic that the Razorbacks are staying put.

Jones and Cowboys stadium are scheduled to host the Big 12 title game through 2013, but with Nebraska and Colorado leaving over the next two years, the revised league would not be able to hold a championship game.