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NBA Draft Tonight

I can't let this glorious event pass by without giving it some love, especially since it is now (and will continue to be) Longhorn hoops heavy. While most of you will still be in line waiting to buy the new Iphone, the future of NBA franchises will be at stake (ok maybe one or two franchise with this weak draft) and shown on ESPN starting at 6pm Central. If you don't care for the NBA or basketball in general, tune in for the ridiculous suits and awkward interviews.

For the Texas teams (including OKC), the Rockets have the last pick in the lottery at 14, the Spurs pick 20th and the Thunder, having picked up an extra first round pick today, have the 18th, 21st and 26th pick. Expect the Thunder to be very active shopping those three picks to move up and pick up something to help Durant. Dallas gave away their first rounder to the Nets in the Kidd deal, which doesn't look as astronomically stupid as it once did.

The latest Chad Ford (ESPN NBA draft guru) Mock Draft is probably the most accurate out there. Here are the highlights:

1. Washington Wizards - John Wall PG Kentucky - Duh. Although there are some rumors that the Hornets might try to deal Chris Paul to the Wiz to save money and still have a dynamic PG.

6. Golden State Warriors - Ekpe Udoh PF/C Baylor - This is as high as I've seen him and it looks like my dream of having him end up on the Rockets or Thunder is over.

14. Houston Rockets - Cole Aldrich PF/C Kansas - As a Rockets fan, I hate this pick. Especially after the rumors that he measured 6'9" or 6'10 at a workout. Mark my words, Darryl Morey will not pick Aldrich. There is a 50% chance that the Rockets move either up or down from this pick depending on what happens in front of them.

17. Chicago Bulls - Damion James PF Texas - I think this could be a great fit for DJ but there is a report out that the Bulls traded this pick and Kirk Heinrich to the Wiz so perhaps Damion could be joining John Wall in DC.

18. OKC Durants - Solomon Alabi C Florida St - 7'1" kid with a solid motor. A poor man's Deke Mutumbo without the hilarious voice.

19. Boston Celtics - Avery Bradley PG(riiiight)/SG Texas - This would be a good fit since Rondo is already entrenched as the PG for the next 5 years in Beantown.

20. Spurs - Craig Brackins PF Iowa St - I like Brackins but I may be remembering back two years ago when he was good, I can't remember if he was worth a dam last year but that might be due to me going through an Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind like procedure right after the college basketball season ended. Not sure if the Spurs fans would like this pick but a lot of drafts also have Damion falling to them here. As a Rockets fan, I don't want James going to the Spurs.

21. OKC Thunder - Kevin Seraphim PF France - As you'll see with their next pick, Ford believes that OKC is just going to throw darts at a big man board and hope one of them sticks.

26. OKC Thunder - Tibor Pleiss C Germany - I won't pretend to have heard of this guy but he is 7 feet tall. If you look at the Thunder roster, the "pick a bunch of big men" approach probably isn't a bad one.

2nd Round -

Tiny Gallon to the Nets with the first pick. Why anyone would waste a pick on that guy is beyond me?

Dexter Pittman to the Pistons at 36. They are desperate for size and if he can get in shape and somehow turn the switch, this could be a good value pick.

Willie Warren to the Lakers at 43. I know this guy had a terrible year but he was a projected top 8 pick before the season. The Lakers would be getting a steal here.

Consider this the open thread as well. I'd like to hear anyone else's thoughts besides NateHeupel's.

UPDATE: OKC traded their 18th pick for a future Clippers 1st round pick (Should be top 10) and also traded their 21st pick and 26th pick and got Cole Aldrich and Morris Peterson and . KD is representing at the draft.

The Rockets took Patrick Patterson at 14. I'm ok with that.

The Celtics took Avery Bradley at 19. Great fit for Avery.

The Spurs took James Anderson from Ok St at 20. He'll be good for them.

The Hawks took Damion James at 24. Meh. He got traded to the Nets. Still meh.