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Quincy Russell #22: Part Deux

Quincy Russell, the much coveted DT prospect from San Antonio, is back living in an orange house. We think. That makes #22 for the Longhorns, on the heels of Oklahoma CB Josh Turner last week.

If you're scoring at home, Texas has now lined up the #1 and #2 DT in the state for the second consecutive year.

You'll recall that Quincy committed to Texas in April, immediately rescinded his decision, and opened himself back up to the process. Generally, in those situations, you don't see the recruit recommit. In this case he did. Why? Well, one reason is that we didn't quit recruiting him and, if anything, intensified the pressure. Our current DT depth situation, already questionable, looks like it may be taking another hit and there were very few high level DTs in the state this year.

If you read the Recruitocosm last Thursday, you knew this was coming. Burnt Orange Nation has the scouting breakdown on Russell. QR is a big-time athlete and all he needs is work on refining his technique. Something Texas DT coach Mike Tolleson just may be able to help him with.

There's no reason to think we won't take up to the 25 limit if it's the right guys.