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Podcasting My Pants Off With Black Heart Gold Pants

I've been podcasting with our friends at Black Heart Gold Pants: Iowa fan site, one of the funniest blogs I've ever read, and they profess to hate Ohio State fans almost as much as we do.

We talk Big 12 expansion, discuss my deep connection with the Iowa Hawkeyes, ponder the Iowa Hawkeyes regrettable mid 90s Apex 1 apparel contract (feathered shoulder pads, seriously), and I make the contention that the Big 12, in whatever its form, doesn't lend itself to revenue sharing as the Big 10 does. Madness ensues. We also touch upon the Gadsden Purchase, which is my second favorite historical land purchase of all time.

Now here's a video of an Iowa Caucasian running faster than Texas black people set to music only a Dubuque native would select:

We'll have the guys on a BC podcast later this year. I join around the 11:40 mark. However, if you don't listen to their intro song, you're missing out on some of the most soulful music since Janis Joplin.

Check it out. You can also download BHGP on iTunes.

Black Heart Gold Pants Podcast with Scipio Tex from Barking Carnival