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Tommy Tuberville Nicolaus Copernicus

In Tubs most recent pamphlet De revolutionibus orbium coelestium he posits that the Big 12 is really pretty much toast.

Apparently Texas is causing the entire conference to pass some sort of Chandrasekhar limit. When asked where on the HR Diagram the conference as a whole fell, he replied "Somewhere between a White Dwarf and Neutron Star."

Tommy Tuberville is a polymath and a straight shooter. He'll need to stop by Pope DeLoss III's office to get his next commentariolus in order.

Seriously, while I think we all enjoy a coach in Lubbock who shoots his mouth off, if one of the remaining 10, one whose is technically wrapped around our ankle like some sort of tumbleweed-barnacle-lojack is already carping, what chance does this conference stand?

Screw it, I want to road trip with dedfischer and the Tech horde to Tempe equipped with nothing but a Jim Beam Traveler and bolus of penicillin.

Guns Up, Tubs.