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I Think Nebraska Wants To Beat Us

Just going out on a limb here.

It's July and Nebraska is already planning red sartorial splendor for a mid-October home game. Yes, I know as a Texas fan it is our default role and duty to assume a too-cool-to-care posture of condescension at these antics, but I'm already fired up for this game knowing how fired up they are.

Aside from compromising their ability to recruit Crips, you have to admire a 14 week lead time on reaching a game day fever pitch. Their ambition to get the entire world to wear red is also enviable, though the Kremlin already tried this and failed miserably.

Each one of these Texas-Nebraska contests has been big and with each Texas win, Nebraska grows more desperate for victory. This will be the culmination of it all. I'm reasonably confident that our players won't see a more intimidating road environment for the rest of their playing careers than what they'll see in Lincoln October 16, 2010. It's going to be utter madness.

The fervor and emotion of this game is perfectly timed for the Huskers while Texas will be coming off of a three game emotional stretch @ Texas Tech, UCLA, and OU in Dallas. Texas will have a bye week between the Sooners and Huskers while Nebraska will have ten days to prep after a Thursday evening game against Kansas State. Forget the ten days prep time - if you don't think the Pelinis will be working on Texas in August, I have some ocean front property in Ogallala to discuss with you. Nebraska wants this, needs this, must have this. Take the Texas monkey off of their backs and they go to the Big 10 with their heads held high.

Beyond the juicy Texas-Nebraska plot lines, Texas fans will learn a lot about Garrett Gilbert.

Of course, Nebraska has been fired up to play us before: