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Gundy's Coaching Tanning Bed Is On Fire

And that's bad news for any man that styles his hair with Penzoil, Magic Shell, and White Rain and wears enough Brut cologne to make an Armenian door man wince. I pointed this out ever-so-gently weeks ago and the mainstream media is just catching up to the idea that, hey, T Boone is 82 years old, spent the GDP of Bangladesh on his football program, and is still getting his teeth kicked in by teams with a pulse. Maybe Gundy doesn't have ironclad job security!

Luckily, T Boone Pickens is a patient man. Until he's not.

"Well, it's been five years," Pickens said of support for Gundy. "So how long do I get (until) I'll be identified as a patient guy instead of an impatient guy?" That day I gave the money I said I knew we're not going to win every game," Pickens said. "But I'm tired of leaving the stadium with my head down. And I darn sure had my head down after the (2009) game in Norman and after the Cotton Bowl. I'm 82, so I'm not on the 20-year (rebuilding) plan.