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Kansas Ticket Scandal: Judge Takes a Shot At OU

A second former Kansas athletic official has pleaded guilty in a ticket skimming/scalping scandal. Brandon Simmons and Jason Jeffries both worked in the KU athletic department's sales and marketing department, and both have pleaded guilty to being part of a group of KU employees who illegally sold over 19,000 basketball and football tickets costing the school as much as $3 million.

When all three of the active District Judges in Topeka recused themselves without explanation, Judge Wesley E. Brown took the case.

Judge Brown, a graduate of KU, was appointed by JFK. He is the oldest sitting judge in the federal court system. He is 102 years old.

When Judge Brown was an undergrad at KU, Phog Allen was the basketball coach.

Like Jeffries, Simmons accepted a plea bargain and agreed to continue to help authorities in their investigation.

While establishing that Simmons fully understood the plea agreement he was entering into, Judge Brown asked Simmons about his education. Simmons replied that we was an OU grad.

"A Sooner?" Brown asked.

"Yes," Simmons replied.

"You can read and write, then," Brown concluded. "They do teach that at the University of Oklahoma?"

"Yes, sir,"Simmons said.