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Curtis Brown Is A Lock Down Corner

The debate is settled.

How do I know?

h/t to blankspace on Shaggy Bevo.

I like Curtis' tat. It shows swagger and a total lack of perspective.

As most of you know, I'm a huge fan of the body art. I spent three years tattooing the exact likeness of my own forearms on to my own forearms. The casual eye can't tell the difference from my previous forearms, but people who have been under the needle know. We have that mutual respect.

Sometimes, before I see other bloggers, I'll write IRONY and SNARK on my knuckles with a magic marker. Just so they know what will happen if they dare to question my Google analytics.

What? Yeah, you'd better flinch. That's what I thought.

If you're concerned about how this might affect Curtis' future employment prospects, I would like you to consider that:

1. He could run a corner hardware store
2. He could go into forensics with the simple addition of a vowel - lockdown coroner. Like Quincy, M.D.
3. Home security salesman
4. Marry a wealthy woman with a key tattooed on her fist
5. Add e to Lock. Teach Philosophy at Cambridge.

It's not like he got these:

Quick - what's the most amount of money that you can think of?

That's right. $535.

And I will take $200 of that sum in a $200 bill, my good man. By the way - look at that fiver. Abe Lincoln looks like a hard mother right there. I would have shot him from behind too. No way I'm throwing hands with him. They called him 'Honest Abe' because he was The Truth.

At first, you just see a typical child sex offender/Florida resident. HOOLIGAN! YEAH, BRO!

Then, your eyes drift to his belly button. Right on. Classy.

I have two words to improve that image for you: belly lint.

It shouldn't take you long. Genius, in my honest opinion.