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ESPN Video: College Football Images of the Decade

If you are like I am, and pray to God you are not, you will find yourself getting irritated as you watch this video. Charlie Weis, Reggie Bush and Tim Tebow getting more screen time than our entire program. Hell, two thirds of our screen time is the Roy Williams - Chris Simms - Teddy Lehman merde à trois and Crabtree Dreaming shit in his head. But it ends better than it starts.

I can think of a number of images that I might have included and some that I might have left out. What glaring inclusions/omissions do you see?

Mostly it reminds one that college football is, if you squint just right, on the horizon.

h/t to The Godfather.

Also, buy this. Many of your favorite woofing scribes contributed. Hook 'em.