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USC AD Mike Garrett Is Out; Will Return Heisman

The squares won! The squares won!

First, USC AD Mike Garrett is gone. To be replaced by former SC QB and Rhodes Scholar Pat Haden.

Haden had been working for a private equity firm. A legitimate one - not the USC slush fund. This will be quite a culture change as Haden is reputed to be a rather straight-laced, no-nonsense guy. Consider him administrative Valtrex for the USC regime cheating outbreak and a program famous for it's institutional corruption.

This was a necessary concession by USC and Haden's clean cut gravitas may even win them an extra scholarship or two in their appeal process with the NCAA. If not some future good will.

Lane Kiffin is sweating right now. Transitioning from Anything Goes to I Just Audited Your Parking Receipt Claims will be a brutal slap of reality for our favorite opportunist.

Second, USC is giving back Bush's Heisman hardware now that it has been definitively proven that his professional career began when he signed a Trojan letter of intent.

Does Vince want it?

Doesn't want it.

Doesn't need it.

Every college football fan in America now knows who the best college football player on the planet was in 2005.

It's just that many of us knew it before the game.