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I was recently looking for some pictures to use on NateHeupel's great Sooner blog Boomer And Sooner to put with a couple of really good articles he's written about what sundries the Sooner Schooner is a bit light on this season. Please, go check these two out and see if you agree with his assessment.



While looking for pics, it became pretty obvious that most of the pictures one could locate featuring Bob Stoops had a similar feel. Words like rictus, maw and agape came to mind.

I realized what we were seeing was in fact...


And another:

Checking equipment:

Deciding the fate of gladiators in ancient Rome (yes, I know this wasn't how they did it):

Nobody does a better Benito Mussolini:

Even when coaching them up:

Also handy when working with pirates:

A variation when working the stellar Big 12 officials:

It appears to be hereditary:




I don't know what the fuck this is but I like it:

When realizing beating scrubs by 60 really doesn't mean anything and he should have let Texas take a crack at Florida:

And as a Texas fan, finally, the shut your mouth Bob, that's four outta five:

I invite you all to send me other great examples of Stoopsface with annotation to sailorripley AT barkingcarnival DOT COM. I will add them as I get them.