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The 2010 Class Is Officially Here

Arguably the best class top to bottom in the Mack Brown era (yeah, Vince Young's presence in any class negates effective comparison) is here and they're wearing orange polos and smiling with their eyes.

All of them have picked numbers and are officially on the roster.

Some quick thoughts:

Mike Davis picked #1. Was there any doubt?

I love Davis' game. The swagger of a '88 Hurricane and an incredibly evolved skill set in terms of hands, route running, sneakiness, and overall savvy. Jordan Shipley's brother from another mother. Except, unlike Shipley, he likes blocking.

Speaking of Shipley:

Jordan has a career post-football at a newspaper stand because he sold that post. This is what Mike Davis is going to bring us. Playing him alongside Jaxon Shipley in a couple of years will be a Big 12 DB mindfuck like Jacob's Ladder.

Darius White picked #4.

No pressure, Darius.

Some other observations...

- Carrington Byndom has put on a good 15 pounds and he'll be walking around at 190 soon. I have a good feeling about him.

- Chris Jones is a stick - 6-0, 160. Here, put on this red shirt.

- Case McCoy. See above.

- Darius Terrell is already filling out nicely if his height and weight numbers (6-3 220) are accurate.

- Connor Wood is going to be 6-4 230 in short order. NFL prototype. Let's see if he has the mental game.

- Jordan Hicks is #33 in the program, but will be #1 in our hearts. He's filling out and he's going to be hard to keep off of the field.

- Tevin Jackson wins the Eddie Jones Award for Looking Most Like A Grown Ass Man. Robert Parrish and Greg Oden agree.

- William Russ looks like Jordan Shipley if Shipley had been a roadie for Foghat.

- Chris Whaley's listing at 6-3 245 comes from his e-harmony profile.

- Taylor Bible is listed at 6-3 310. He's more like a shade over 6-1 and he's got 15-20 pounds to go.

The Vets:

- Emmanuel Acho and Keenan Robinson are 240 now. Our babies is all grows up. Prediction: pain.

- Alex Okafor is now just under 260. He has put on good weight quickly.

- Luke Poehlmann is still 275. Creatine, dude. We need you.

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