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We Ain't Got No F'n Pads On, Man!

Sorry Rock, but that doesn't matter to Lamarr Houston. He's going to go hard regardless of who he's playing against or what they're wearing.

This is a must read on the Longhorn rookie, who's making waves with the Raiders in training camp.

You also have got to love the comments from Lamarr about the National Championship game directed at fellow rookie and former Alabama linebacker Rolando McClain. The run out of time stuff I could do without, but who's going to argue with Lamarr?

As for his play on the 40 acres, I'm really going to miss the big fella and so will the Horns. The dude did it all for us, pass rushing defensive end, strongside defensive end, and finally a devestating havoc wreaking defensive tackle his last two seasons in Austin. Remember, this kid was a running back in high school.

I think Lamarr was a steal in the second round and should have gone much, much earlier. He'll dominate in Oakland, a team that is going to field a pretty solid defense.

Kheeston Randall, Tevin Mims, Ashton Dorsey, Taylor Bible, and Deaires Cotton really have some big shoes to fill.

With or without pads.